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Summer Garden Team 2017Kyle Bischoff, Jamie Prince, Michael Henning, Kyle Ropski, and Conner Mercurio

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Community Study 2017Carrington Harmon, John Smith, Kayla Colon, and Aaya Elrhanjaoui

Community Study 2016Culinary Artist: Regine Jean-Louis
Mixers as Continents.jpg

Garden TeamHenry Winebrake, Christian LoStracco, Jacob Ginn, James Lampmann, Chris Pak

Garden Team 2016.jpg

Summer Garden Team 2015:Jacob Ginn, Nick Nalence, Ryan Wolpert
Summer Garden Team 2015.jpg

Spring Garden Team 2015Thanks for the raised bed for the Head Start Children: Joe Lunghi, Joe Pavelick, and Matt Rosenstein
2015 Garden Team.jpg

Thanks Maple Glen Garden Clubfor the Cucumber and Edible Flower Trellis May, 2015


Garden Team 2014
Garden Team 2014.jpg
Thanks Tristan (bench), Ethan (community study), Jacob (bench), Cooper (strawberry bed), Ian (community study/strawberry bed), Tommy (community study), Sam (strawberry bed), Mr. Rodgers (consultant)

The New Benches in the Garden:
Thanks Tristan Rose, Jacob McVittie, and Mr. Rodgers

Food and Nutrition II Trip to PhiladelphiaThe Historic Hospital 2014:
Penn 2014.jpg

The Historic Hospital 2013:
Penn Fall 2013.jpeg


The Historic Hospital 2012:
Penn 1 2013.JPG

Medicinal Herb Garden:
Penn 2 2013.JPG

The Garden Grows: We have a Shed!Thanks Maple Glen Garden ClubMr. Rodgers, Gil, Kyle, Alex, and Tyler!June, 2012

Shed Team.JPG

The Garden Grows: Team Raspberry BushesThanks UD Ed Foundation!May, 2012

Pennsylvania Historic Hospital and Medicinal Herb Garden Tour November, 2011

The Gross Clinic, 2011

Leaving a LegacyThanks Garden Team!June, 2011

Ms. Loch's AP Environmental Science and Ms. Clapp's Adult Consumer Resource classes joined forces with the help of many more to make this garden possible. Click to see our Garden Website. Look below to see the courtyard last summer. Click to see our acknowlegement from 3E Institute Educator 500 Project.